Goal of Confirmation: To confirm your Baptism and grow your faith in 5 areas:

1) Discipleship – growing in your relationship with Jesus
Attend weekly classes and participate in lessons
Review each week’s lesson with family
Develop and share your creed (2 times)

2) Fellowship– building relationships with other Christians
Spend time with other Christians at family suppers and fellowship time before worship
Meet monthly with a Christian mentor

3) Worship– praising Jesus Christ with the congregation
Attend Sunday worship regularly with family or mentor
Attend Lenten worship with family or confirmation class

4) Service – using your gifts to serve others as Christ did
Serve in a ministry using your gifts during the worship on a regular basis
Serve in a ministry using your gifts not during worship

5) Outreach– telling others about Jesus Christ
Participate in confirmation class prayer walk & retreat
Other outreach opportunities will be announced

Classes meet Wednesdays from 3:30 – 5:00pm